A conversion copywriting and brand messaging studio for the brands creating something bigger than themselves — and inspiring others to do the same. 

For brands chasing something bigger than themselves. For brands chasing something bigger than themselves. For brands chasing something bigger than themselves.

When you’re building something bigger than yourself, you have a lot of things to do — and, with us, you can check the copywriting and messaging support right off your list. 

Over here, copywriting isn’t just what we do — it’s how we think. Every aspect of our team’s work is built on a foundation of strategy, which is why we guide every client (like you!) through a brand messaging process alongside your copywriting project. Our team is small but mighty, and our work always encapsulates the best of strategy, wordsmithing, and design partnerships for a holistic, unique approach that actually, truly works.


What we believe in

Writing is a craft, and it should be treated like one.

Communication and collaboration matter.

You can change the world in the smallest & biggest of ways.

Storytelling can be strategic and beautiful.

Holistic approaches that encompass design within copy are always more effective.

Learning from each other is a special thing, and it should be celebrated.

Conversion copywriting should never, ever be boring.

I’m Susannah Hutcheson — AKA, Susie B. 

Founder, lead copywriter

I’m the founder and lead copywriter over here at Susie B. & Co., and this job is what I’ve been dreaming of since I was 6 — though, 6-year-old me *definitely* thought that being a writer would look a lot more like drinking tea and scrawling on napkins in a London coffee shop.

After graduating from Texas A&M University in 2017, I spent time as a national journalist and a high-school teacher before creating Susie B. & Co. — where I pair journalism, connection, and marketing to write copy and messaging that inspires brands and their customers.

When I’m not knee-deep in client work and Zoom calls, I’m watching Love Island reruns, snuggling with my anxious border collie mix (just learned she’s 25% chihuahua?!?!), and traveling any chance I get. 

I’m probably drinking…

an iced oat milk latte or a glass of wine (partial to a bold cab sauv or a crisp white).

I’m probably watching…

Love Island or reruns, always — specifically Grey’s Anatomy, Breaking Bad, The Office, and One Tree Hill.

I’m probably going…

everywhere I can, whenever I can do it. Next trip is to Scandinavia, but I want to be everywhere all the time.

I’m probably saying…

 a lot. I never stop talking. Sry. Also, I love to talk about Harry Potter.

I’m probably thinking…

about the Diet Coke I open every day around 2 PM.

Holly Hutcheson

our coo

Loves peanut butter bones, smacking the sh!t out of her water bowl every time it’s empty, and when clients pay her mama on time — because it means more BarkBoxes for her.


our visuals kween

Loves anything and everything neutral, her wild (but cute) GSP, binge watching Friends with her husband, and lives for an aesthetic moment.

Krista Rotondo

content team lead

Loves her two crazy dogs, hot yoga and pilates, country music — and occasionally line dancing, binging Netflix shows, and drinking wine while baking delicious sweets.

The rest of the co.