This is where we start conversations, celebrate the littlest details, and create clear, powerful messages that move brands forward.

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keep your conversations going. keep your conversations going. keep your conversations going.

Getting your website written or hiring an Seo specialist is not the secret sauce to growing your brand. Striking up (and keeping up) a conversation is.

And don’t get me wrong here — website copywriting and SEO are really, really important pieces of the puzzle. However, if you’re not taking your message, turning it into a conversation, and then weaving it into every level of your brand and customer journey… you’re selling yourself short.

It’s why we do what we do over here: AKA, why we write conversational copy that spans your website, launch campaigns, email funnels, podcasts, and more.

After all, when you keep the conversation going, you’re inviting in more potential for connection & conversion — and it’s also a hell of a lot more fun that way.


What we believe:

Conversion copywriting should never, ever be boring. That's why we call it conversation copywriting instead.

Your audience wants to know you on a deeper level.

there isn't a fRamework that works for everyone, no matter what the marketing books say.

Copy is always more effective with top-tier design.

A pop culture reference within your messaging is an automatic 10/10 on our grading scale.

I’m Susannah Hutcheson — AKA, Susie B. 

Founder, lead copywriter

I’m the founder and lead copywriter over here at Susie B. & Co., and this job is what I’ve been dreaming of since I was 6 — though, 6-year-old me *definitely* thought that being a writer would look a lot more like drinking tea and scrawling on napkins in a London coffee shop.

After graduating from Texas A&M University in 2017, I spent time as a national journalist and a high-school teacher before creating Susie B. & Co. — where I pair journalism, connection, and marketing to write copy and messaging that starts conversations. (Someone tell this to the teachers that told me I needed to stop talking so much!)

When I’m not knee-deep in client work and Zoom calls, I’m watching Love Island reruns, snuggling with my anxious border collie mix (just learned she’s 25% chihuahua?!?!), and traveling any chance I get. 

I’m probably drinking…

an iced whole milk latte (my espresso machine is my child), a Poppi, or a glass of wine (partial to a bold cab sauv or a crisp white).

I’m probably watching…

Love Island or reruns, always — specifically Grey’s Anatomy, Breaking Bad, The Office, and One Tree Hill.

I’m probably going…

everywhere I can, whenever I can do it. But, I'm not sure anything will ever beat South Africa for me.

I’m probably saying…

 a lot. I never stop talking. Sry. Also, I love to talk about Harry Potter.

I’m probably thinking…

about Formula 1, the YouTube vlogs I'm going to watch while I cook dinner, or the Diet Coke I open every day around 2 PM.

Holly Hutcheson

our coo

Loves peanut butter bones, smacking the sh!t out of her water bowl every time it’s empty, and when clients pay her mama on time — because it means more BarkBoxes for her.

Madi Wright

our visuals kween

Loves anything and everything neutral, her wild (but cute) GSP, binge watching Friends with her husband, her (new!) daughter, and an aesthetic moment.

Krista Rotondo

content team lead

Loves her two crazy dogs, hot yoga and pilates, & country music — and occasionally line dancing, binging Netflix shows, drinking wine, and baking delicious sweets.

The rest of the co.